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البابا شنودة الثالث


We dedicate this poject to our beloved mother…The Coptic Church…and to our beloved father…The Thrice blessing, the Late Pope Shenouda the Third…Whom we started this project ot preserve his teachings that enlightened us

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The project expenses exceeds one thousand dollars per month.
Also, we are in the process of expanding the project.
We do not receive any formal support from any organization.
The project is funded from its servants’ tyths.
If you have any capacity to donate to us, please click on the following icon to go to the donation page.

تبرع لمشروع الكنوز القبطية

Our Goal

To collect and preserve as much Coptic Orthodox ancient and modern material .


Our Philosophy

The Coptic Orthodox church is full of treasures…every Copt has a role in preserving them.

Our Promise

To present the purest Coptic Orthodox teaching of the mother of martyrs.

Our Request

We ask you to pray for the service, and to help us grow this service.

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